Below are grants and other research income (not complete) in which I was/am involved as a chief investigator. I have not indicated for all the grants all partner investigators or associate investigators.

Hastings Deering Collaboration Project No. 1: Data Governance strategy, roadmap and change management plan

Amount: AUD$76,500 (QUT received)  

Investigators: Char-lee McLennan, Arthur ter Hofstede, Moe Wynn, Kanika Goel, Rachel Thomas, and David Selvam (HD). 21/02/2022–20/08/2025. (I am also a member of the steering committee of the partnership between Hastings Deering and QUT.)

Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)

Amount: AUD$328,151. 

Road Trauma: Modelling the Patient Journey from Pre-hospital Triage to Outcome Using Process Mining. Investigators: Moe T. Wynn, Arthur ter Hofstede, Robert Andrews, Kirsten Vallmuur, and Michael Schuetz. 18/11/2020–28/2/2023.

Food Agility CRC

Amount: AUD$511,818 (QUT received). 

[Crop] prediction. 

Investigators: P. Corry et al. 1/4/2020–31/1/2022. 

Outcome: Publication IC105.

Food Agility CRC

Amount: AUD$109,582 (QUT received). 

Agile Horticulture Supply Chains Constellation: 

Project 1: Analysing supply chain performance: Sub project A. 

Investigators: Paul Corry, Arthur ter Hofstede, Clevo Wilson, and Lavinia Proctor. 9/8/2019–30/4/2020.

Department of Human Services (DHS)

Amount: AUD$54,528.

Process Mining at the Department of Human Services of the Australian Government. 

Investigators: Moe Wynn, Alistair Barros, Sander Leemans, Renuka Sindhgatta Rajan, Arthur ter Hofstede, Wasana Bandara, and Scott Bailey. 7/3/2019–30/6/2019.

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Amount: AUD$180,000. 

Analytics for Wildlife Hazard Management. 

Investigators: Arthur ter Hofstede, Moe Wynn, Robert Andrews, Bayan Bevrani, Paul Coughlan, Gary Wickham, and Jackson Ring. 19/10/2018–18/10/2019. 

Outcome: Publication J114.

Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)

Amount: AUD$180,000. 

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance Claims Processing: An Exploration of a ‘Best Practice’ Model using Process Mining. 

Investigators: Moe Wynn, Arthur ter Hofstede, Suriadi Suriadi, Robert Andrews, Rebekah Eden, and Erik Poppe. 3/7/2018–16/8/2019. 

Outcomes: Publication J108, IC87.

Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)

Amount: AUD$300,000. 

Identifying pre-hospital retrieval pathways and processes for road trauma patients in Queensland.                     
Investigators: Moe Wynn, Kirsten Vallmuur, Arthur ter Hofstede, Stephen Rashford, Emma Bosley, and Mark Elcock. 5/12/2017–30/12/2019. 

Outcomes: Publications J92, J98, J107.

CRC for Optimising Resource Extraction (CRC ORE)

Amount: AUD$329,023 (QUT received). 

Data Driven Models.

Investigators: Kevin Burrage, Arthur ter Hofstede, Moe Wynn, Suriadi Suriadi, and Sander Leemans. 1/1/2017–31-12/2018.

Outcome: Publication J91.

Asset Institute

Amount: AUD$30,000. 

Operationalising Data Analytics for Decision-Making in an Industrial Health and Safety System. 

Investigators: Arthur ter Hofstede et al. 24/10/2016–24/3/2017. 

Outcome: Publications BC22 and J104.

CRC for Optimising Resource Extraction (CRC ORE)

Amount: AUD$150,000. 

A roadmap for the application of advanced analytics to streamline business and operational processes in mining. 

Investigators: Kevin Burrage, Arthur ter Hofstede, and Brendan van Rooyen. 1/7/2016–31/12/2016.

Brisbane Airport Corporation

Amount: AUD$230,000. 

Analytics for Major Project Risk and Opportunity Management.

Investigators: Arthur ter Hofstede, Moe Wynn, and Barry Peach.1/2/2016–31/1/2018.

ARC Discovery Grant

Amount: AUD$847,700

Improved Businesss Decision-Making via Liquid Process Model Collections

Investigators: La Rosa (first CI), ter Hofstede (CI), Rosemann (CI), Wynn (CI), Ouyang (CI), Adams (CI), van der Aalst (PI), Reijers (PI), Dumas-Menjivar (PI), 2015-2017. 

Outcome: Publications J84, IC75, IC76, IC77, IC78.

Queensland Accelerate Partnership grant

Amount: AUD$240,000

Exposing insurance claims processing impediments

Investigators: ter Hofstede (project leader), Rosemann, van der Aalst, Wynn, Suriadi, 2014-2016. 

End-user partners: Motor Accident Insurance Commission and Nominal Defendant.

Research partner: Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands). 

Outcome: Publication J90.

AusHSI Stumulus grant

Amount: AUD$73,000

Improving ED Patient Flows through Process-oriented Data Mining

Investigators: Suriadi Suriadi, Prof. Michael Schuetz, Dr. Sean Rothwell, Ms. Bridget Allison, Prof. David Theile, Ms. Annette Bailey, Prof. Arthur ter Hofstede, Prof. Michael Rosemann, Dr. Chun Ouyang, Dr. Moe Wynn, Dr. Jochen De Weerdt, Prof. Jonathan Karnon, Mr. Andrew Partington, Dr. Kelley Foster, Mr. Ian Smith, and Mr. Russell Brighouse.1/3/2014–30/6/2017.

Outcome: Publication J85.

ARC Discovery Grant

Amount: AUD$320,000

Cost-aware business process management

Investigators: ter Hofstede (first CI), Rosemann (CI), Wynn (CI), Adams (CI), Ouyang (CI), Hoque (CI), van der Aalst (PI), Reijers (PI), 2012-2014.

Outcomes: Publications J75, J83, J87, J89, J86, IC67, IC72, IC74, RC17, RC18, PhD thesis Wei Zhe Low.

Australia-China Science and Research Fund - Group Missions

Amount: AUD$28,841

Collaboration with Beijing Jiaotong University to build Australia-China research-industry collaboration in service and process innovation

Investigators: C. Ouyang, M. Rosemann, A. ter Hofstede, and Alistair Barros. 4/6/2012–1/4/2013.

ARC Linkage Grant

Amount: AUD$210,000

Facilitating Business Process Standardisation and Reuse

Investigators: La Rosa (first CI), Recker (CI), ter Hofstede (CI), Rosemann (CI), Cornes (PI), 2011-2013.

Outcomes: Publications J64, J69, PD5, J79, IC69, IC71, RC16.

ARC Discovery Grant

Amount: AUD$450,000

Risk-Aware Business Process Management

Investigators: ter Hofstede (first CI), Rosemann (CI), Fidge (CI), Wynn (CI), La Rosa (CI), Adams (CI), Ouyang (CI), van der Aalst (PI), 2011-2013.

Outcomes: Publications J73, J74, J77, J80, J81, J82, J88, IC62, IC64, IC65, IC66, IC70, IC68, IW21, IW20. PhD theses of Raffaele Conforti and Anastasiia Pika.

Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc)

Amount: AUD$57,741

SBEnrc Proj 2-2 Offsite Fabrication and Links to Product and Process Innovation.

Investigators: Arthur ter Hofstede, Chun Ouyang, and Moe Wynn. 1/10/2010–30/9/2012.

Red Hat Asia Pacific

Amount: AUD$30,100 (QUT received). 

Investigation of Open Source Internationalisation Workflows.

Investigators: Jim Hogan, Arthur ter Hofstede, and Paul Gampe. Project start date: 1/8/2008.

ARC Discovery Grant

Amount: AUD$290,000

Rapidly Locating Items in Distribution Networks with Process-Driven Nodes

Investigators: Fidge (first CI), ter Hofstede (CI), Dumas (CI), 2007-2009.

Outcomes: Publications J56, J68, IC54, IW13, RC13, RC14, RC15.

ARC Discovery Grant

Amount: AUD$282,000

Next Generation Reference Process Models

Investigators: Rosemann (first CI), ter Hofstede (CI), Dumas (CI), van der Aalst (PI), zur Muehlen (PI), 2006-2008.

Outcomes: Publications J53, J61, J64, IC48, IC50, IC56. PhD thesis of Marcello La Rosa.

ARC Linkage Grant (with SWS)

Amount: AUD$72,444

Reconciling Activity-centric and Business Object-centric Approaches in BPM

Investigators: Dumas (first CI), ter Hofstede (CI), Iordachescu (PI), Sipka (PI), 2005-2008.

Outcomes: Publications J44, J62, IC57, IW14. PhD thesis of Guy Redding.

ARC Discovery Grant

Amount: AUD$240,000

Expressiveness Comparison and Interchange Facilitation between Business Process Execution Languages

Investigators: ter Hofstede (first CI), Dumas (CI), Van der Aalst (PI) 2004-2006.

Outcomes: Publications J39, J41, J55, BC5, IC31, IC35, IC34, IC36, IC39, IC40, IC41, IC43, IC47, RC9, RC10. PhD theses of Nick Russell and Lachlan Aldred.

QUT Strategic Links with Industry Grant (with SAP)

Amount: AUD$70,500 (AUD$47,000 SAP + AUD$23,500 QUT)

Service Choreography Patterns.

Investigators: Dumas (first CI), ter Hofstede (CI), Paik (CI), December 2004 - November 2005.

Outcomes: Publications J42, IC45, IC44.

QUT Strategic Links with Industry Grant (with SAP)

Amount: AUD$37,200 (AUD$24,800 SAP + AUD$12,400 QUT)

Evaluation of Architectures for e-Business Interoperability

Investigators: Dumas (first CI), ter Hofstede (CI), January 2004 - December2004.

Outcome: Publication IC33.

ARC SPIRT Grant (with Justwin Technologies)

Amount: AUD$260,000

Managing Changes in Dynamic Workflow Environments

Investigators: Benatallah (first CI), Ramer (CI), ter Hofstede (CI), 2000-2002.

ARC SPIRT Grant (with GBST)

Amount: AUD$285,000

Selfdescribing Transactions Operating in a Large, Open, Heterogeneous and Distributed Environment

Investigators: ter Hofstede (originally 3rd CI, later 1st CI), Benatallah (CI), Edmond (CI), 1999-2001.

Outcomes: Publications J30, J31, J34, J36, J37, J40, BC2, IC17, IC18, IC21, IC22, IC24, IC26, IC27, IC29, IC38, IW8, IW10, IW12. PhD Theses of Phillipa Oaks, Lawrence Si and Justin O’Sullivan.

ARC SPIRT Grant (with Mincom)

Amount: AUD$240,000

Component System Architecture for an Open Distributed Enterprise Management System with Configurable Workflow Support

Investigators: Mohay (first CI), ter Hofstede (originally AI later appointed CI), Roe (CI), 1998-2000.

Outcomes: Publications: J32, J33, IC13, IC15, IW6. PhD thesis of Bartek Kiepuszewski.

ARC Small Grant

Amount: AUD$15,000

Exploiting Trading Patterns for the Purpose of Synthesising Automated ECommerce Transactions

Investigators: ter Hofstede (first CI), Edmond (CI), 2000.

Outcome: Publication RC6.

ARC Small Grant + QUT Special Small Grant Award

Amount: AUD$10,000 (AUD$6,954 + AUD$3,046)

Achieving Workflow Evolution through the use of Reflective Techniques

Investigators: ter Hofstede (first CI), Edmond (CI), 1999.

Outcomes: Publications J25, IW5.

I have been or am involved as an investigator in the following research/training centres.
NICTA, Brisbane, Australia 

Amount: AUD$414,344, 9/1/2012–31/12/2015. 

An Outcome: Publication 208.

Smart Services CRC (involved since 2010 till August 2013).

I supervised a student in the area of large business process model repositories. 

Outcomes: Publications IC61, IC63, PhD thesis of Chathura Ekanayake.

ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation

Amount: AUD$7,000,000, 2005-2010 (first phase)

Director: Prof Stuart Cunningham. I was involved as a Chief Investigator in the first phase.

Outcomes: Publications J43, J45, IC52, IC53, RC11, RC12.

ARC Training Centre for Behavioural Insights for Technology Adoption (BITA)

Amount: AUD$4,282,859, 2021–2025

Lead Researcher: Prof Uwe Dulleck. I am one of a number of Chief Investigators. 

I was also listed in a minor capacity in the following Dutch grants.
NWO EW Open Competition (The Netherlands)

Amount: 279,781 Euros

Patterns for Process-Aware Information Systems

Investigators: van der Aalst (first CI) and others, 1/9/2004 -31/8/2009.

NWO (The Netherlands)

Amount: 449,026 Euros

Configurable Services for Local Governments (CoSeLoG)

Investigators: van der Aalst (first CI) and others, 1/5/2010 - 18/7/2014.

NWO (The Netherlands)

Amount: 228,324 Euros

Replaying History on Process Models for Conformance Checking and Performance Analysis

Investigators: van der Aalst (first CI) and others, 1/11/2009 - 1/7/2014.

NWO-VSNU (The Netherlands)

Amount: 222,114 Euros

“Don’t Search for the Undesirable! Avoiding “Blind Alleys” in Process Mining (ABAPM)”

Investigators: van der Aalst (first CI) and others, 1/12/2012 - 31/8/2016.

I was a partner investigator in the following grants awarded in China.
The Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province

Amount: RMB 500,000

Research on the Key Technologies for Stateless Cloud Workflow Scheduling and Processes                     
Collaboration, Yang Yu (School of Software, Sun Yat-sen University) and others.

The grant also involves the Guangzhou Joinmax Science and Technology Co. LTD.

Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Council

Amount: RMB 1,000,000

Research and Application of Key Technologies in Cloud Workflow

Investigators: Yang Yu (School of Software, Sun Yat-sen University), Arthur H.M. ter Hofstede (PI), Chun Ouyang (PI), Michael Adams (PI), 2016-2019.

Outcomes: Publications IC81, IC86 and J106.

The Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province

Amount: RMB 1,000,000

Development and Application of Cloud Workflow Platform, Yang Yu (School of Software, Sun Yat-sen University)

Investigators: Arthur H.M. ter Hofstede (PI), Chun Ouyang (PI), Michael Adams (PI), 2016-2017.

Outcomes: Publications IC81, IC86 and J106.

Industry funding received for the YAWL initiative (I have not listed other investigators)
  1. AUD$88,187 from First Utility Limited for a project with the title “YAWL initiative - First Utility Phase 2” (2008-2009). during the period 2007- est. 2009.
  2. Approx. AUD$39,000 from the Intercontinental Hotels Group (US) to fund a programmer on the YAWL initiative (August 2006- March 2007).